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Maintaining Motivation During Intense Training: 7 Helpful Tips

Maintaining motivation during intense training can be challenging. The more we push our bodies the harder it is to keep our minds focused. One obvious attention grabber is pain. Another is fatigue. … [Read More...]

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Meditation and Athletes: Program Recommendations

Meditation is becoming popular for many reasons, especially related to health. Athletes are also taking up the practice more and more because research has shown that meditation can be used as a tool … [Read More...]

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Athletes Be Inspired: Nelson Mandela

It always seems impossible until it's done. -Nelson Mandela Be Inspired At times, athletes need to be inspired as a way to get through hard work and competition. At other times, they need … [Read More...]


Manage Sport Anxiety with Imagery and Breath

"Visualization is everything. if you can imagine something, you can do it. Nothing happens in reality until it happens in your mind first." --Jim Carrey Why Imagery? Researchers are finding … [Read More...]


Managing Stress: Mind-Body Tools That Can Help

All humans, including athletes,  experience stress and there are numerous articles written on the topic. I once read that stress might be compared to a spice we put on food. The idea is that too … [Read More...]

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Mindfulness Meditation Guide: Getting You Started

Derived from the 2,500-year-old Buddhist practice known as Vipassana (also called Insight Meditation), mindfulness meditation represents a research-based form of meditation that is designed to … [Read More...]