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Sport Psychology

Vancouver, Canada - Sunday, July 5, 2015: The USWNT defeat Japan 5-2 to win the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Final at BC Place.

Athletes and Team Cohesion

It was a blast watching the US women's soccer team become the 2015 World Champions. They seemed to embody some of the characteristics associated with team cohesion or team unity. So What Exactly … [Read More...]

Mental Excercise


Mind Management: Mental Tips for Golfers

Five Mental Training Tips for Golfers Mind management is important for all golfers. As you will see later in this article, some of the mental skills necessary for mind management are common sense.  … [Read More...]

Achieving Goals

Katie spotz in her boat crossing the ocean

You Can Achieve Anything – Conquer Your Ocean

Two Sets of Oars, Four iPods, 300 Hundred Chocolate Bars By Katie Spotz In 2010, I set off with two sets of oars, four iPods, three hundred chocolate bars, and a lot of determination to row solo … [Read More...]


Athletes and Mindset

What Is Your Mindset? "A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes." -Buddha Answer this question: Do you believe your mind … [Read More...]


Imagery and Sport Psychology

Imagery and Sport Psychology Sport psychologists often assist athletes in creating an imagery practice as a means of building their mental tool box.  Imagination, or imagery practice, is a powerful … [Read More...]


Intentions in Sport Help Motivate Athletes to Reach Goals

Many athletes have moments when they decide to commit to see a dream come true. These deep desires to make something happen are known as intentions. Our positive intentions are a combination of dreams … [Read More...]